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Toyota Protect

Toyota ProTect est une nouvelle solution révolutionnaire pour conserver à votre voiture tout l'éclat du neuf.
  • Protects and shines paint
  • Keeps aluminum rims clean
  • Forms an invisible film protecting the tissues

A single application of ProTect at your Toyota partner is sufficient for guaranteed 5-year protection.

Scientific innovation

ProTect works at the molecular level by forming a hardened ceramic film - a process developed by NASA.

  • Resists significantly longer than wax films and modern polymers.
  • does not require any periodic maintenance.
  • special treatment for paint, aluminum rims and coatings.
Super glossy paint

Toyota ProTect can be applied to all painted exterior parts as well as to the side windows.

  • gives your car a lasting shine.
  • protects against harmful products and attacks due to bad weather and other climatic conditions.
  • prevents traces of water thanks to its water-repellent properties.
maintains the cleanliness of the aluminum rims.
a single application of ProTect keeps your aluminum rims clean for a long time. this protective layer prevents dirt from brake pad dust.