1. Bluetooth
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Bluetooth® Compatibility

Bluetooth® telephone connectivity allows you to wirelessly integrate a compatible mobile phone and offers hands-free communication. Whenever your phone is in the car, the hands-free system is activated.

The phone can be controlled from the unique touch-screen display, while sound is channeled through the car's speaker system. Some Bluetooth® phones are better than others at making the most of all these features. The tool below allows you to find out which features are supported by which combination of Bluetooth® systems and devices. 

  • Select your Toyota vehicle.
  • The Bluetooth® systems available for this model will appear. You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.
  • Click on the name of your Bluetooth® system.
  • In case your Bluetooth® system has different software versions, a pop up will appear explaining how to find out which software version your vehicle has. Select the software version of your car.
  • Next, choose the phone, model and firmware from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  • Finally, click the "Search" button to display a table which lists the supported features for the selected phone or phones.
  • If you use reset or change a selection, please make sure that all needed selections are re-done.